Locked Up Pond Monster Trapped in Attic for 24 Hours (Found Key to Treasure Chest of GOLD!!)

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    Capturing pond monster to lock up the attic! (NO MORE POND MONSTER!!!)
    You saw in Grace Sharer last vlog “Found Secret Hidden Camera in My Teddy Bear!! (Caught Pond Monster Evidence on Camera, Face Reveal)” where grace sharer caught on camera the pond monster setting up a top secret hidden camera in side her teddy bear prank. The Pond monster is after the attic as if there is $10,000 dollars of gold treasure in it. In TODAYs vlog, Grace goes undercover as a spy ninja to capture the pond monster, lock up the attic, and end the pond monster mystery for ever! This is like an extreme game of hide n seek in real life, trying to hide from the pond monsters while spying on them for 24hours for the perfect time to jump and capture the pond monster. Grace finds out that there is a big meet up in the attic with a whole team of pond monster and the pink and green mystery neighbor!!! Grace must explore the attic to capture the pond monster and get it out of the house. But grace needs to watch out to the pond monster might capture Grace sharer again!! We dont want that, not another escape room in real life challenge!! Wonder what their meet up meeting is about? Looks like there might be a treasure chest of gold, a cadge, or lock bog of $10,000 dollars. We need to have a treasure hunt to find all the gold in the sharer family backyard before the pond monster finds it! Grace comes up with a way to prank the pond monster and trick the pond monster! Ones Grace plays an extreme prank on the pond monster to capture it she then locks up the attic so nobody can get in! NO MORE POND MONSTERs in the sharer family house 🙌
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